My Alphabet Exchange…Finally

This is the third year I have participated in Chirssy's, First Grade Found Me, Alphabet Exchange.
This is so much fun! Sometimes I think I have more fun going to my mailbox each day to see if we got any letters. :)

Here is how I displayed them this year. I added the class and where they were from beneath. My firsties love to look again and again at where they are from.

We had so much fun doing this project.

We got the letter Q this year. After much deliberation, we decided on Queen. :) The kiddos had a lot of fun decorating their tiaras and using GLITTER!!!! Yes, we did it. That dreaded material. I know it's a mess, but they LOVE it!

We sent a little letter about our class and school district. I really enjoy hearing about all the different schools. 

I can't wait to do it again next year!
Thanks Chrissy for all your HARD work!

Have a wonderful day!!!

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