Morning Meeting Greetings and Activities

Do you do Morning Meeting?
Whether you use the Responsive Classroom approach in your classroom or you just use Morning Meeting, I have some information for you.
Are you tired of the same old greetings and activities?

Help us out! What do you do for Morning Meeting? What is your favorite greeting or activity? What works for you?

Take a look at this article on the Responsive Classroom Website.

After I took Responsive Classroom 1, I was so energized about Morning Meeting. This enthusiasm carried on for months and months. :)
Then you come to a time when you are trying and trying to think of what to do for the greeting and activity. Here is my thinking sometimes, "let's just do an elbow greeting because there is so much stuff going around in the classroom.". I am not saying that the elbow greeting is nothing, but if I am feeling this way about the greeting, how are my firsties feeling?

I have a Pinterest Board just about Responsive Classroom stuff.
Check it out here.

The other thing that I have to remember is that the "typical sharing" is AWESOME, but there are so many other ways to share.
I will be discussing that tomorrow. :)

Have a wonderful day!

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