Do you use Kahoot?
We LOVE it!

It is so easy to learn how to use it. My firsties picked it up in minutes. 

There are so many "quizzes" to choose from on the site or go and make your own. 

We get the iPad cart every morning. Ever since I introduced Kahoot, this is all they want to do. :)

First, they log in with their Game PIN. It takes them to another page with a login for their name.

After all players are in, it will take you to the quiz. You can tell when a player is in when their screen turns green. 

This is the screen you will see as they log in.

Students will see this on the big screen.

Then they will see this so they know what to choose.

They will see this on their iPad. 

If they choose wrong, after all students have put their answer in or time is up, this will show up on their iPad. 

All answers will show up on the board in a bar graph. 

If they answer correctly, this will show up on their screen. 

This is my class working independently on Kahoot! 
They absolutely LOVE it!
You should go check it out!

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