Have you ever checked out Edutopia?
Oh My Goodness!!!
There are so many amazing ideas and projects by teachers.
I am going to focus on Project Based Learning articles that I have read on Edutopia today.

Ready, Set, GO!!!

If you are thinking about starting a PBL project check out the link above. It gives you some fantastic resources to begin and make your project great!

This was about the student work showcase and a glimpse into the student's projects. 
These students are amazing.
There is a project for providing micro loans in third world countries, creating better digital information for a park, and a "shark tank" project.

Have you eve wondered how you are going to assess a PBL project?

There are some really great resources here to see how to use assessment correctly and effectively in PBL. 

The Buck Institute is another amazing resource. This video was included in the link above. 
I will post more about BIE another day. :)

You have to go check out Edutopia, if you have not. It is one amazing site. 

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