Shared Reading

We had an amazing speaker come and talk to us about Common Core, Shared Reading, Writing…basically everything in our ELA block.

I would like to talk about Shared Reading today.

This explanation from Reading Rockets really explains what it is and why we use it.
I think I have really gotten away from Shared Reading in the way it is suppose to be used. 
I was using our Read Aloud as a Shared Reading experience and it was really not that at all. I was holding the book, I was the one reading, I was the one asking the questions…see the pattern? :)

I am revamping the way I do Shared Reading in my classroom. We, as a team, have looked through our books to see what we can use as our Shared Reading books. We have our old anthology books. These have many great stories in them. Even though we are not using the anthology anymore, it doesn't mean we can't use the great literature.
I was thinking I would also like to get some of the books up onto my SmartBoard. I am sure we have some kids in the high school who need some community service hours. They could scan them and then read them. Maybe they could even come over and read them live. :) What a great community builder.

I like the simple explanation of how to use Shared Reading.

Here are some really cute finds on TpT.

This is by JK Curriculum Connection.
This product is free, but it's part of a larger product called "Natures Superstars". What kiddo wouldn't be interested in this?

This product by DeeDee Wills is a collection of campfire poems and activities. 
It looks so cute! 
We do a Literacy Campout at the end of the year. We will definitely be using this!

Jennifer Drake has created this book for all sorts of reading. Print it out and every student can have one in their hand. Then you can make a class book together. 
How adorable!!!

Do you have any tried and true ideas that work for Shared Reading? Do you have a lesson you would like to share? Let me know. Thanks!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Neat ideas. Time to find some shared reading activities for December. Thanks for the inspiration! Happy Saturday!!


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