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Good Morning!
So, interesting time in school right now. Report Cards, planning parent/teacher conferences, progress monitoring, etc. etc. etc..
I finished with my report cards last Saturday or Sunday, I am not really sure. I worked really hard on them. We all do. I plan out my comments so that they are easy to read and to the point, but not harsh.
Our secretaries print them out on the Wednesday before they are due so that we can check them over. I was sick on Wednesday. :( Then I was sick on Thursday. :( I went in on Friday (finally) to find my report cards printed on the "real" paper. There were NO comments!!! NONE!
I was frantic. Not only was I coming back from being out for two days (I swear it's more work to be out, RIGHT?), but now I had to comment on ALL of them again!!! GRADEBOOK, not a big fan.
After talking calmly to my colleagues (HA!) I searched in all of the "other" folders. Well, there they were in my Social Studies folder. 1. Why are we grading first graders on Social Studies? 2. Why can't they transfer into my homeroom folder? 3. Why were they printed twice with no comments?
Anyway, our secretary had to save all of my report cards again after I moved every single comment over to my homeroom folder. Live and Learn.

How do you do Report Cards? Are they linked to the Common Core? Do they look different in each grade? I am so interested in what other schools do.
Thank you for your input.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. We're doing report cards right now, too, Beth Ann! We just use our own templates and have to print them ourselves, too!
    Sorry about your problems. Hope you're feeling better.


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