Math Daily 3 just a little introduction

I am in the middle of my grad course for this semester. I am taking Math Daily 3 from Upper Iowa University. It is the second one I have taken on the Daily 5/3 :)

Math Daily 3 goes along with our program Investigations. It just seems to flow with the whole sequence, schedule, everything.

After teaching the regular mini-lesson, there are focus lessons to be taught and then student and teacher choices.
This is where I start to LOVE it! The kiddos get to choose how they want to work on a strategy or concept taught. Brilliant! Investigations has built-in Math Workshop days and times, so this is going to be very easy for me to utilize in my classroom. The other thing I really like about this is that it is not an additional thing I have to do in my classroom. This will add to my time I can spend with individuals and small groups.

Of course the "Two Sisters" explain it so easily. This is from their website. Chapter 8 in the updated book is dedicated to Math. I think they could write a whole other book on just math. :)

I found some amazing resources on Pinterest. 

I have to set up my Math Board. This is going to take some decision making skills. I am going to have to take something down in order for me to have room for the board. 

I will share my progress with you as the course goes on.
Thanks for reading.
Have a wonderful day!

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