Five for Friday

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Five for Friday…woo hoo!

It was the 50th day of school this week. We celebrated by dressing up like the 1950's. Some of my firsties came in with white t-shirts and jeans rolled up, others came in with their hair high in an adorable pony with a bow and a cute little dress.
I LOVE my class!!!

We used The Fabulous Life of an Elementary Teacher's Disguise a Turkey Project!
Some came in as baseball players, a Christmas tree, a wreath, with camo, an upside down butterfly. Their ideas are endless.

When all of the turkeys come in we will be writing about them. We are so excited. :)

We played Roll and Record this week. I put the dice in these containers. I have no idea who came up with this, but THANK YOU a million times!!!

I ordered this from Artsy Couture.
It is amazing. A box and a USB port to go with all the photos we give them. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

Finally, my cousin made two hats for me and a prop for a newborn shoot. I can't wait to wear and use them!!! She is so talented!!!

We have two days of school next week. Thanksgiving activities!!! Woo Hoo!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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