Our Keynote Speaker was Ron Berger.
I was so lucky. I was able to listen to him twice. Once as the Keynote Speaker and then in a breakout session called "Looking at Student Work".

I kept looking at him and listening…wondering where I have seen him before. It took me until he showed a video I have seen several times.

Austin's Butterfly

If you have not watched this, I highly recommend you do at some point. It shows how to get students to critique their own and other's work to get high quality work.

Mr. Berger says when critiquing you have to:
Be Kind
Be Specific
Be Helpful

Here are some quotes from Mr. Berger that I found to be very meaningful and essential in assessing student's work.

"The final project should not be the only assessment. There should be many assessments. It's an ongoing process throughout ~ multifaceted."

"Build a class culture with a growth mindset."

Check out the schools Ron Berger is working in all over the country.

He was amazing!


The next person I was able to listen to was Chris Sperry.

He talked to us about Integrating Media Literacy and Critical Thinking.
Wow! I would LOVE to be in his high school Social Studies class.

I never thought about all the different ways you could use media literacy in your classroom.
He had us compare two paintings to show cultural perspectives.

They have lessons right on their website for you to use. There are MANY middle-high school to college lessons. I have found a few elementary ones. I am excited to try one out this year.

Head on over to check out all the amazing things Project Look Sharp has done.

Well, I am off to another day of PBLNY!!!
It's the last day. Although I will be happy to sit in the sun tomorrow to digest all of this, I am sad it will be over. I have learned so much!

Have a wonderful day!

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