I am blown away with all the information I got yesterday from PBLNY. AND…there are two more days!!! WOW!
Yesterday began with our Keynote Speaker, Sam Chaltain.
He talked to us about some exceptional schools and what they look like.
Is it more technology that we need? In these schools that was not the main focus. It was about community, belonging, feeling, talking, singing, caring, etc..
 What a way to start! He got us so ready for the rest of the conference.
Check him out. If you ever get a chance to see him, I highly recommend it!

Then we had some breakout sessions. I went to see Dayna Laur.
Another great speaker.

She talked about Authentic Learning.
This video that she shared moved me.

This is the epitome of Authentic Learning.

How can we do this in our classrooms? How can we make our kids want to do this?

Dayna was inspiring and interesting. I would love to be able to hear her speak again.

I am looking forward to learning more today!
Have a wonderful day!

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