CAFE...Some thoughts

We have finished up reading CAFE and are writing a reflection paper on what we have learned throughout the course. I have so much to say. I am not sure I can keep it to the limited amount of pages that is required.
Here is the beginning of my paper:
When I decided to take this course, I thought I had known quite a bit about Daily 5/ CAFE. I was so wrong. I understood a teeny, tiny bit of Daily 5 and understood nothing about CAFE. I am now confident to implement both of these into my classroom this year. 
As I have gone through many phases of implementing Daily 5 into my classroom. Beginning with my first year of pretending that the centers that I had were part of Daily 5 to last year really working at implementing it to the best of my ability without guidance. I have grown as an educator, learning and understanding the different aspects of Daily 5 and CAFE. I admire Ms. Boushey and Ms. Mosher as they go through their adventure in finding what works for them. 

I will be sharing my journey with you in the next coming weeks. 
If you would like to add anything or be a guest blogger, I would LOVE it! 
Please email me. :)
I couldn't have gotten this far without help.
"Work smarter, not harder."

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