Let's Talk About Me Monday

I am linking up with some amazing Bloggers over at Blog Hoppin'!
I am a day late. Go Figure! :)
Monday was Meet the Teacher Day.
Ten Fun Things About Me!

1. I am a mom of three teenagers. Janie is going to be a freshman in high school, David will be a junior in high school, and my oldest, Katie will be a freshman in college. She turned 18 this summer. YIKES!!!

Here they are. :)

2. I LOVE Running! I will go out and run in just about anything. 
I have completed two RAGNARs and the Seneca Seven Relays. So much fun! I would do those anytime. :)

I went out to run with my daughter. She came back in time...I did not. :)

3. I have had a few surgeries. 

4. I am clumsy when I run. I have hurt my ankle and gone to the emergency room two times. UGH!!!
Therefor, I NEVER run without my phone. :)

5. I love PHISH!

6. I have a part-time photography business.
I really love taking photos. 

This is a wedding I did a couple weeks ago.

7. I took my son to his first concert at Tanglewood.
BareNaked Ladies
Ben Folds Five

We were center stage, four rows back. WOW!!!

8. My colleague and I have done the school garden again this year. 
It is hard work!

9. I play softball. We have to call it "old ladies" softball because my daughters both play in their school. 
My oldest daughter has played with us for two years. I LOVE it!!!

10. I have a skirt obsession. I have to wear running shorts underneath though. :)

I hope you had fun learning about me. 
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