Saturday Snapshots and BACK TO SCHOOL SALE AT TpT

I am linking up with Miss Neslon again. I look forward to this each week. 

I have been laminating like crazy since I got my laminator in the mail.
Have I told you, "I am in love!".

We were driving to get my daughter's college things. She leaves in four days. OH MY! Sniff, Sniff!
My youngest took this on the way.

This is another scene we had on our way to pick up her college things. 

My youngest was going through the cupboards in my classroom and came upon a bag my mom had given me of all my grade school projects. This was from Kindergarten! 
My Best Frind :)

I won a book from Miss Nelson. It is so cute I cannot wait to use it in my class this year. 

In this book, Ms. Cook shows you the difference between Mean Teases and Nice Teases.
"Mean teasing is bullying and not a good thing. The ones that do it are trying to be mean."
"A NICE tease bite is positive (+), and it adds to your life. It multiplies your strength and your voice that's inside."

"Sometimes when you nice tease, your words go too far. You just have to realize how powerful they are."
"It's always a good thing to watch what I say, and understand everyone hears things in different ways."

There are tips in the back for Parents and Educators. 
I find that in my school kids sometimes don't know the difference between nice teasing and bullying. Bullying is such a huge problem right now.
I want my firsties to be advocates for themselves and for others to know that words hurt. 
Thank you Miss Nelson!

Don't forget the HUGE Back to School SALE at TpT!!!
I am going to empty my cart right now. :)
I am so excited I am tingling! 

Have a wonderful day!

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