July Currently

Oh YEAH! I am linking up with Farley again.

Head on over to her blog and link up. I LOVE reading what everyone else is up to. 
Here is my July Currently...

I LOVE getting up in the morning. It is my favorite time. I sit and have my cup(s) of coffee and listen to the outside. We live out in the country so there are no traffic sounds.  Well, maybe the occasional tractor going up the hill. I just listen to the sounds of the birds singing. And then my chickens will come out and I'll here my favorite rooster trying to crow. I'll have to get him on video. He sounds like a teenage boy. :)

Here are our new residents. They have the most beautiful songs. 

I began summer vacation last week, but I was preparing for my daughter's graduation party. So...now let vacation begin!

So sad. :(

I can't seem to sleep in. From 3:45am to 4:45am I lay in my bed thinking of all the things I have to do. Then I give in and get up. Well, at least I get things done.

I begin my Daily 5 and Daily Cafe course today. I am so excited!

I find that if I put too much pressure on myself about blogging I don't enjoy my posts as much. Lately, I have been taking some time off and enjoying my family and friends. It seems like such a simple thing, but I was so crazy if I didn't post something. Don't get me wrong, I still go a little crazy when it has been a couple days. :) I LOVE blogging and stalking other blogs. 
I have made a plan up for the week. This seems to help me be a little more calm. :)

Have a wonderful day!
Happy July!!!

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