Patterns...Patterns...and More Patterns!

I actually finished a new product.

Woo Hoo!
We spent so much time on patterns and forgive me, but the activities from our program were not that spectacular.
I created a pattern product to supplement our program. 
I went to look up the CCSS correlation to patterns. Guess what!>!>! There is nothing for shapes. It's all for numbers for K-1-2. Then why did we spend so much time with it if our new program was aligned to the CCSS? Well, because it is VERY important. Once they get the pattern/shape concept it is so much easier to teach/learn the number patterns. 
My colleagues and I had talked about omitting this part of the unit. We decided that it was very important that we couldn't.

So, I created my "What's Your Pattern?" packet to supplement our pattern unit. 
It has color and black lined papers.

The graphics are just so darn cute. I LOVE them!!!
Thanks Mel!
Graphics From the Pond

And I have found myself not using any other fonts but my HELLO fonts lately.

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Have a wonderful day!

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