Daily 5 Graduate Class

I am taking a graduate class with my colleague, Linda. 
Did I tell you that she is moving down to teach first grade with me next year???? I am so excited! I think I might burst. We began teaching 2nd grade together. I remember the long nights we had working in our classrooms to make it perfect for our students. Well, since then I have moved around to 1st, 4th, and now back down to 1st again. An opening came up on our team and voila...we are back together again. Wooo Hooo!!!
What was this post suppose to be about...oh yes...Daily 5.
We are just about done with the first book, The Daily 5 Fostering Literacy Independence in the Elementary Grades. This has taken us three weeks. Talk about bombarding us with information. 
It's a good thing Linda and I have been trying this for three years now. :)
I will just share some A-Ha moments with you. I do not consider myself to be an expert by any means. I began implementing the Daily 5 three years ago. I did it half-heartedly. I had not taken any classes. I was just going along with the book. 
By the way, the book is so easy to read! :)
I ended up hurting my back so badly that year that I had surgery and was out for two months. Well, this did not bode well for Daily 5 in my classroom that year. I tried it the next year with a little more success. I had even taken an inservice for it. Last year, I went right "by the book". It worked really well in my classroom. Well, at least by my standards. 
Now that I am taking this course, there are so many other things I had missed in the book. I swear every time I read it I get something more out of it. :)
So, I will give you my top 10 list of A-Ha Moments from this class so far. 

I am enjoying this class so much! I am learning so much!
Stay tuned for some freebies. :)

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