Saturday Snapshots with Miss Nelson

Well, you know I LOVE taking photos. 
Miss Nelson has created a linky for me! 

Run Miss Nelsons got the Camera

Well, maybe not for me... :)
You can link up any of your photos from the week.
I know A LOT of you are on Instagram. I am addicted!! 

So...head on over and link up.

Here are my photos from this week.

Janie and I had so much fun with this! 
She turns 14 on Sunday. 

My son passed his driver's test on Wednesday. This was his first time driving without an adult.
PS> He's actually a very good driver. :)

My friend and I are doing a wedding in two weeks. We took her daughter to the venue to practice. 
I am so excited!

Not only do we have a new driver, a 14 year old...but we have an 18 year old too!!!

She got a new guitar for her birthday. She has to have it for college. They had to fix it at the shop so, I took a picture of the stand. Just as nice huh?!>

I hope you enjoyed looking into my little snapshots for the week.
Have a wonderful day!

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