Photo Freebies on Friday

The Common Core Standards say there has to be more non-fiction used in reading and writing.
I thought since I have been taking some photos that I would share some with you to get your kids writing and reading more non-fiction.

This applies to all grade levels. 
By fourth grade, students should be reading 50% non-fiction books. Now, from what I understand, it is not only in your ELA block that you have to have 50%. It is encompassed in all subject areas. 
Has anyone seen what the percentage is suppose to be in the lower grades?
I have not seen a concrete number for this.
I am assuming since it only grows to 55% by eighth grade and 70% by twelfth grade that it should be less for the younger grades. 
Although this is my thought...and I know we (our school) is shifting tremendously toward that 50% in all grade levels, I still feel students need to read for fun.
I will get off my high horse and give you some freebies from a photo walk.
You can grab them right off the page with a right click or if you are a Mac person (like moi) then click alt/option and click. Easy peasy!
I hope you enjoy them.
Let me know if you have any requests for specific photos. 
I LOVE to take pictures :)

Have a wonderful day!


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