Done, Done, Done!!!

I am back. It feels like forever.
I was running an ultra relay race in the Adirondack Mountains this past weekend. 
With spotty cell service and no sleep...I did not post. :)
Now back on my regularly scheduled sleep pattern, I can get back to blogging. 
I also have to stalk catch up on what everyone else has been up to also.
So many giveaways and everything!

Happy OCTOBER!!!
Can you believe it?
It makes me feel like I have so much to do...Oh yeah, I actually do!

So, this past weekend I ran with three other teachers. (There were actually twelve of us all together but they weren't teachers. :) 
We ran 192.7 miles in all from Sartatoga Springs to Lake Placid.
There were six runners in each van.
We talked about EVERYTHING!!! I mean EVERYTHING!!!
We even had some great discussions about teaching. 
 (come on all you New Yorkers, you know what I am talking about!)
Scoring, Scoring, Scoring
Class Size Differences
Common Core

Well, what else are you going to talk about for 29 hours?!?!?!

Me stuck in the back of the van!

First Hand-off!

And off I go!

A little flying!

Last leg!
Woo Hoo!!!

Have a wonderful day!
I have some freebies coming your way in the next week to celebrate fall!


  1. My husband just did a Ragnar in Southern California. Congratulations! That is one tough goal to accomplish!
    Life with Mrs. L

  2. That looks like a lot of fun. Congrats!
    ❀ Tammy
    Forever in First

    1. Thanks! It was great! I would do one again tomorrow!

  3. HOLY COW! Congratulations! That is super awesome:)

    We are ALL Special!


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