Winner of Birthday Giveaway

Sadly, my birthday week has come to a close.
I had so much fun reading your comments about what you do to celebrate your big days.
I was able to celebrate mine with my family.
We actually sat down and had a family dinner!!!
That doesn't happen much in this busy household. I know how important it is, but it doesn't seem to happen. 
Thanks for all the birthday wishes. It's funny, when I talk to other people about blogging, some of them just don't get it that you do feel close to others online. I find myself telling people about other bloggers and mentioning them as my friends. I just wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration, information, education, thoughtfulness, and support you have given me throughout this blogging experience. I really appreciate all of you.
Whew...enough of that sappiness!


Congratulations Lynn!!! You will be receiving many emails soon!

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