I had a little contest to name my new computer. 
Of course, I could not choose I combined them all. Seeing that my real name is two names (Beth Ann) and my last name is hyphenated, (which I found out is my legal name when I went to get my enhanced license, who knew?). 
I thought I should at least give my new girl a little pizazz too!
So, welcome Ida-Tre-Xena 3BD. I will have to think of a nickname for her. My firsties already think I am crazy because I have named one of my lenses Wanda. Well, they are so silly...I only named one of them! :)
Thank you to all who participated in naming her. I just love hearing from everyone.
Don't you just love opening up your mailbox and seeing "New Comment on ... ".


I am in the process of creating two units for ELA and Math to go along with some CCS.
I should have them up and ready by the weekend.
Get ready for...LOST IN SPACE!


Have a wonderful day!

By the way, the last day to enter the "Are you Chicken?" giveaway is Friday, June 1.
Good Luck!

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