I Have a Confession... This is My Obsession... Linky Party

Bonnie, over at Living a Wonderful Life, is hosting a Linky Party.
I LOVE Linky Parties!

Living a Wonderful Life

Number 1: Photography
Oh My! No one sees me without my camera now. I have filed for a DBA (Doing Business As). My husband printed off the form for me and I am going to do it! YIPPEEEEE! I love it as much as blogging and creating teacher products. Goodness!

Number 2: Blogging and Creating Teaching Materials
I have caught the bug. 
I get so excited when my phone rings and it says "Product Sold". 
Recently, most of you know that my (school) computer died. I ran right out and bought a new one because I knew what I would miss. 
How sad is that? Well, I really needed one for my new business anyway :)

Number 3: Editing Photos
I guess that goes along with Photography. I do LOVE my Photoshop though.
I haven't become brave enough to try Lightroom.

Number 4: Peanut Sauce
I put it on EVERYTHING!!!


Number 5: Running

Yep, I love it! 15 - 20 miles a week.
 I just wish I had that runner's body. Maybe someday.

I posted a Freebie for you all. It's my June Song.
(to the tune of "The Itsy Bitsy Spider".


  1. Thanks so much for linking up! Your photos are great! I'm not sure what DBA is, but I know you'll do fabulous :) Ahhh, I am jealous of your running obsession. I used to have it, but seem to have lost it along with the clothes I could fit in back then...HA!

    Living A Wonderful Life

  2. I'm curious too, what is a DBA? Photography is so much fun!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  3. I love photography, as well. I'm definitely not a professional by any means. My parents bought me a fancier camera when my son was born because we all knew I'd be obsessed with taking his picture :) I've always wanted to take classes and learn how to do cool things... one day!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  4. I've caught the blogging & creating teaching materials bug. I really find it to be a lot of fun!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  5. I too am obsessed with blogging. I would love to know more about photography. That is going to be one of my goals, I think. :)


  6. Oh cool! Best of luck with your new business :)

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  7. We have many obsessions in common, except I use the Adobe InDesign for art (-; I REALLY need to get a jogging buddy because I just can't seem to get my groove back lately...I too am hoping for that jogger's body, but my Adobe obsession is causing the office chair rear look...hehehe

    Thanks for stopping by and following my blog!

    Your button is in my blog roll (-;

    The 3AM Teacher
    Visit The 3AM Teacher FB Page

  8. I would say that I like to walk way more than I like to run!! I don't think I have ran since high school!!

  9. Good for you for running!! That is something I wish I could do but I am way out of shape. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  10. Beth Ann,
    You run 15-20 miles a week? I don't think I have run 15-20 miles in my life... LOL!
    You go girl!!! By the way... Im your newest follower! You should come and visit sometime!


  11. When I saw that you joined the PAR-TAY . . . I had a suspicion that running would make that list. I was a little concerned that I had misjudged my fellow blogger until I scrolled down to #5. I wish I could catch the running bug again. it's been quite a few years now. It's on my summer list.

    Kelley "Gotta Put On Those Sneakers" Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  12. I'm with you on the peanut sauce...Everything Thai is good isn't it?

    Owl Things First

  13. I wish I had an obsession with running, but unfortunately, I don't. I absolutely cannot run to save my life! I did recently buy an elliptical machine and it seems to be working out well so far for me. :) My husband is a professional photographer & graphic designer, so I know all about how addicting photography and Adobe can be. Good luck with your DBA...Great post! :)

    Ramblings of a Deaf Ed Teacher's Mind...


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