Morning Announcements HELP!!!

Hello!!! I am in need of your help.

We have been trying to get our announcements to be more thought provoking and interesting instead of the same old...same old.

We have a committee and we have met several times. We have set up a Google Doc so that people can sign up for a week or two and send their kiddos down to do the announcements.

Don't get me wrong, it HAS gotten better, but I feel that we are missing something still.

This is the format from before:

Announce the day (we run on a six day cycle)
School Pledge

Here's what we have now:

Announce the day
Students from the class that signed up have a written statement, information, or joke about the week or something they are learning about
School Pledge

I just don't think we changed it up enough. It's more interesting, but I think it's still blah.

Any suggestions would be wonderful.
What do you do for your morning announcements?

Thank you in advance and have a wonderful day!

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