Substitute Plans

Why does being out of the classroom have to be so much work?
We all know that we put in way more time for our substitutes than we do our daily work. Of course we do because we want the classroom to move smoothly while we are not there.
 No questions. No problems.

Previously, I had been writing out sub plans by hand or typing them up in Pages, but on a totally different document. Silly!!!

I started to look at my weekly lesson plans to see how I could use them for sub plans.
So, I just took the day that I was going to be out, deleted all the rest of the week and expanded in details for my substitute.

It has worked out so well! I have had many people tell me that it is so easy to follow and to read.

I adjusted some things for my substitute.

 I also have my Substitute Binder all ready from Mrs. D's Corner.
It has everything you need in it!

What do you have for your substitute?
I would love to hear! I am always looking for ways to make it more manageable and easier for our substitutes.

Have a wonderful day!

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