NGSS Implementation

As an elementary school teacher, I am so excited about the Next Generation Science Standards.

I have felt that Science has been left behind with ELA and Math being in the forefront of our instruction and learning.

I have been selected to be on four different Science committees. I think I have them down now. :)
1. K-4
I am a representative for our primary elementary school.
2. K-12
I am on a committee to figure out how we are going to implement these standards effectively.
3. Science Leadership Team
This team is focusing on how to help our regional schools implement the standards the right way.
4. National Grant
This unpacks the kits we will be using as a grade level.


Now, not only are we working on NGSS, but New York State has also adopted these and added some more for us.

It is a daunting task, but this is a committee that is committed to keep the focus of students' needs and learning.

We are finding that the biggest hurdle in the elementary school is TIME! Where did we fit Science in before we decided that we were going to teach it during our ELA slot? How can we take time from something else without weakening something? So many questions!

Then we get to the middle school and high school! WOW! I am trying hard not to sit in these meetings with my mouth wide open at their task. Creating a whole curriculum based on the standards. Yes, of course there are guidelines, but WOW!

I am optimistic that these committees will be working diligently over the next months to come up with something that teachers will be satisfied with for their teaching. I also believe that our teaching will be brought to a much higher level and students will be working and learning in ways they never have before.

I am very excited about this journey.

How are you districts working to implement NGSS?
I would love to hear from you.

Have a wonderful day!

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