Groundhog's Day and Writing Workshop

I'm going to put two things together today. :)

I found this little gem on TpT last year. I love this activity!
We just loved it!
We put our opinions up out in the hallway.
I hope the groundhog...sees his shadow or doesn't see his shadow.

I was surprised that it was so close!
I posted it on our class story in Class Dojo. One of my parents said, "I guess we have a lot of skiers!". When they wrote their responses they were:
I love to ski.
I like to go sledding.
I like playing in the snow.
We can have snowball fights. 

This is what Writing Workshop looks like in our classroom.

Writing √
Pens √
Pencils √
LOTS of Paper √
Tape √
Scissors √
Flexible Seating √


I love this revised Units of Study. We have had great success not only with their writing, but also with revising and conferencing.

What program do you use for Writing?

Have a wonderful day!
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