Confession. How did I not know this?

So, yesterday one of amazing, helpful parents was separating our Scholastic Book orders. Really, she loves to do it! I know!
Well, she came up to me and said there were only 22 order forms. I have 24 students in my class. I said, "I know! That happened to me for the first orders too. Why would they send 22? It's such an odd number!".

Did you know that when you add in your profile how many students are in your class that Scholastic automatically sends you that amount of book orders?

Unless you don't know! :)

I have been sending home book orders forever. 
How did I not know this?

Live and Learn!

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  1. It's kind of annoying, isn't it? I noticed that last year and meant to tell them 25 students this year, just so I'd have one extra, and I forgot. Thanks for the reminder!


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