We Skyped with Dr. Tony Wagner!!!

The culminating event of the second day of PBLNY was Skyping with Tony Wagner.

He was amazing!
My favorite quote from him was, "Hold me accountable for what matters most.".
So powerful!
He asked, "What is a school for in the 21st century?".

We need to create problem solvers.
These are the kinds of things that we need to be teaching our kids in the 21st century.
1. accountable teamwork
2. interdisciplinary courses
3. culture of classroom (empower students)
4. F - Failure - make a mistake
5. motivation (make a difference or do work worth doing)
Help teachers and parents understand what's at stake. Understand the world we live in.
Urgency for change.

Most Likely to Succeed
Show this in your community.

What content are kids learning?
What skills are they learning?
How are they being motivated?

Advocate for complete redesign of educating these children.

Give them regular opportunities to be architects or their own learning.

Personalized ~vs~ Independent Learning

Interesting read. 
Click on the picture above to go to the article.

I would love to sit and chat with Dr. Wagner.
What an interesting man.

Have a wonderful day!

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