Sub Plans When You're Sick

What do you do when you are sick and you have to write sub plans without going in and getting your classroom ready?

Oh My! I had to do that today. I have a sinus infection and bronchitis. It happens twice a year. :)

I always feel so disconnected when I am not able to come in and at least get things ready.

This is what I sent into the substitute.

I take my regular lesson plans and shrink them down to one day and add tons of details. 

I cannot remember who I got this template from. I apologize for not giving them credit. I have used this template for two years now. I LOVE it! I have made it my own, as everyone does. :)

What do you do for your sub plans?

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  1. Oh, bless you. I hate it when you have to make plans without going in. I usually e-mail them to a colleague and pray for the best. There are so many details to include when you teach little ones!

    1. I know Shannon! Sometimes it's just easier to go in! :)

  2. I make my own lesson plan template each year in August with LOTS of detail. It's basically our entire schedule. I include our entire morning routine. I also type in when students go out of the room for services, etc. I even include a little text box listing our daily specials. When I have to be out, I open up a blank copy and type in detailed plans. If I need materials, I created them and attach them. I email everything to a colleague. All my coworker has to do is print it out and put it on my desk. There's a sub binder and emergency folder right on my desk at all times. I do have an EMERGENCY sub tub with 3 days of plans plus extra activities for those days when typing up plans to send in just isn't possible. The template you use is great. It seems to cover everything. Thanks for sharing!
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