Shared Reading…Scholastic News

Our school has put a lot of emphasis on Shared Reading this year.
This year we are focusing on all students being able to read from the same reading material, whether it be a book, magazine, poem, etc..
My last observation was during Shared Reading.
I used Scholastic News.
I already knew it was an amazing resource, but it is also an amazing observation tool! :)

I had all the students on the rug with their own Scholastic News magazine. I put them on individual clipboards so they could work on them easily on the rug. 
I had the Scholastic News up on the SmartBoard.
From the website we were able to read the entire magazine, watch a movie, go over vocabulary words, and play a game! WOW!!!
Think about all the CCSS you cover in just 30 minutes!

We order enough copies for each student at the beginning of the year. I am amazed at how powerful it is getting the kiddos to learn and retain information from this resource.
I highly recommend this resource.

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. I've never used Scholastic News, but it sounds like a great resource. Thanks for sharing it.
    Grade School Giggles

    1. April,
      It is great! Especially when there is hardly any time to teach direct Social Studies and Science. :)
      Beth Ann


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