Language Barriers in and out of the Classroom

We have a great ESL program at our school. This year is a bit more challenging in my room. I have a student who has Down Syndrome and his primary language is Spanish.
His primary language at home is Spanish, but he understands English.

I have been working on some sign language with him. I can do some simple signs and we look up signs on the computer or my iPhone. A few of the books he is reading have a pattern and are simple enough so that I can look up the signs and we work on them together while reading.

Because of the needs in my classroom, we use a lot of non-verbal cues and singing. We use power cards, signs, and attention getters.

It is very difficult to communicate with the family on a daily basis. Are they getting everything we send home? Do we need to translate everything that goes home? How do we do that? I send home many emails that are not translated right now.

There is this really great product that translates your website into any language you need.

How great would that be to have everything at your fingertips to communicate with all families. 
I am going to delve deeper into this product and let you know in a bit.

Have a wonderful day!

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