Just a Little Winter Giveaway

My very good and amazingly talented friend, Nancy, over at Sounds 4 Life and I are joining up for a giveaway! Have you seen her products on TpT?

She has MANY super products, but I think the ones she has created recently are my FAVES!!!

Nancy has made some Interactive Books that my kiddos LOVE!!!
She has broken them down into a few beginning sounds to work on in each book.

Every page has a word and picture to match. Students place the beginning letter in the box. Nancy uses velcro dots to keep them in place. You could use poster puddy or removable tape or nothing.
I think my kiddos love the sound it makes when you take the letters off, so I am sticking to velcro. 
(No pun intended) :)

All letters are kept very well in the back of the book. This is such a great resource for my students. 

Check out the other AMAZING products Nancy has in her store. 

So, we decided to throw a little giveaway. 
Six Winners…Six Prizes
Good Luck!!!

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