Project Based Learning Entry Event

We invited a local expert into our classroom to give us a boost for our Field Guide of Fish in Cazenovia Lake. Dr. Yorks came in with a few fish he and his class had caught the night before. Two of his students from his environmental class came with him to help. I can't even tell you how excited my firsties were to have him in the class.

After the experts explained about the fish that they brought we sat at our tables and made some recordings in our Science journals.
We made a sketch of the fish and wrote some details about it.

Brown Bullhead
The hit of the party!!!

They loved observing!

We even got to put our hands in the containers and touch them, carefully.

Then we put all the fish in front of us and Dr. Yorks and his students answered A LOT of questions.

He showed us some of the fish up close.

What a great entry event for our PBL project.
We are so excited to work with these experts again when they come in to give us some critique on our Field Guides.

Are any of you doing PBL?
What are you doing? I would LOVE to hear!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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  1. Wow!!! What a neat lesson!! Your kiddos look so engaged in their learning!



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