Implementing Daily 5 with a Student Teacher

I have a student teacher this fall. I am so excited about having her in our classroom. She has already shown so much potential. She had to do some observation hours last year. She came in and taught a lesson on Polar Bears. She had their attention the entire time.
I am not worried about her at all. :)
We are going to be working together to build stamina and introduce the students to every aspect of Daily 5.

I am excited to be working with the new book. I still have time to read it and go through everything I need to before school begins. 

I always have to remind myself to go slow, rewind, and model~model~model.
When I have done this, my classroom runs so much better. 
I have posted the I-charts the students have created (with some editing on my part :) for the entire year. I go back to these often. Sometimes after a break we will go over each part for one day. A whole lesson on what the students are suppose to be doing and what the teacher is suppose to be doing. 
There is so much involved in Daily 5. 
I will be back tomorrow with some I-Charts examples and ideas. 

Does anyone have any tried and true ideas that have worked while implementing Daily 5?

Have a wonderful day!

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