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I am joining Amelia (coolest name ever) at Where the Wild Things Learn for her schedule linky party.

Our Soft Landing is consists of getting their gear in their cubbies, reading the Morning Message, and getting their morning work done. 

Morning Meeting is the highlight of my day.
I absolutely love it. There is no way that my classroom would run the way it does without Responsive Classroom. This week we are doing an Alliteration Name Game Greeting, our share is watching a video about Martin Luther King Jr. and our activity is "Catch My Clap". 
I switch it up each week, but we do the greeting and activity for the entire week.

We have time for three Daily 5 sections. I would love to have five times, but our schedule does not us allow it. This is when I meet with my Reading Groups.

Snack and Words Their Way
I love this program!

Writing Workshop
We follow Lucy Calkins. We have been using the updated version aligned with the CCSS for the past two years. I really like it.

We use Investigations. We are on Unit 4 right now. The kids are loving it.

Right now our Social Studies and Science are sporadic. Whenever we only have one special I try to smash as much in as possible. 

That's a glimpse into our classroom day.

I hope you head on over and check out the other schedules. 

Have a wonderful day!

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