Week Three of Daily 5 Lovin' Every Minute

We are really on our way with the Daily 5 and CAFE routine.
We have introduced Read to Self, Work on Writing, and Word Work.
These firsties are amazing. They have built their stamina up to 17 minutes for Read to Self.

This leaves me a little time each day to set up my conferences for our Reading Groups. 
I got to two of my little ones yesterday. It was so exciting to sit and "talk" to them about reading instead of me telling them what they had to do and work on.

The two that I conferred with both need to work on Fluency. We decided that they both needed to work on adjusting their speed when they are reading. One is at a level H and the other is at a level C, but they are both going to work on the same strategy. I am just beyond excited about these Focus Groups!!! 

Can you tell? :)

I am struggling a little with Work on Writing part. We use Lucy Calkins (Units of Study). I love this program. I am just not sure how to fit it in with the Writing part of Daily 5. We have only been practicing it for a week. If you have any ideas and suggestions, please leave a comment.
We began with the introduction of Word Work materials on Monday. Yesterday we worked a little with them. Controlled disaster. Well, I need to model WAY more than I did on Monday if I expect them to use them correctly. I think I introduced too many materials at once. :)

Who uses Daily 5 and CAFE in their classroom? I would love to have some conversations.

Have a wonderful day!

"What day is it? HUMP DAY!!!"

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  1. Okay, here's my Daily 5 story. I teach first grade. I have introduced Read to Self, Word Work, Read to Someone, and Work on Writing. I introduce one or two word work stations a week. Too many and they seem to fall apart at that station. I do really simple stations that don't require a lot of set up. Actually, you just reminded me to do a post on my word work stations. So look for that. But it can be as simple as pick up a sight word card, find the matching magnetic letters, write the word in dry erase marker. Or write -at inside a circle and ask kids to add their own -at family words. I do Lucy Calkins writing workshop too. So I do that separately from Work on Writing. Work on Writing is where kids can write lists, write letters or cards to friends or family, write the room, or unscramble sentences and rewrite them. They love this station and I think it helps them think of other kinds of writing besides narrative or informational. Let's continue this conversation!! I love reading what you write about your Daily 5 and Cafe journey.

    First in Maine


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