Installing Daily 5 Today

Everything seems to have a tech term these days. I know it doesn't sound right to say install, but I thought I would try it out anyway. :)

Today we are beginning our Daily 5 adventure. 
I am going to use the lesson for "Good Fit Books" with shoes. 
I show a power point from Barbara A. Smith, "If the Shoe Fits.."
Then I have a bag full of shoes that may or may not fit me or fit the activity that I am talking about. 
There are so many "Good Fit Books" posters out there. I just Googled it and found a ton. 
You can find one that goes with the theme of your classroom.

Another thing we are going to do is begin our Read to Self Stamina with a chart. 
It is so important to model, model, model.

Here is a little FREEBIE for you.
Click on the picture to download this to chart Building Stamina.

This is something that I did well last year. :) One thing I am working on this year is staying out of the way. The one way they learn independence is for the teacher to stay out of the way. It will be my mantra this week.

My colleague and I were filling out our lesson plans for this week with our student teachers. It was so powerful for them to see how much modeling and how we introduce Daily Five with a slow and steady approach. 

We'll see how today goes. Wish me luck.
Have a wonderful day!

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