A Long Week!

I only had my firsties for two days so far. I am EXHAUSTED!!! I need a nap! :)
I have an amazing class of little ones. I am on my honeymoon. We'll see what happens next week. 

I have a student teacher this semester. She comes in on Tuesdays and Thursdays for seven weeks and then full time for seven weeks. This is the third student teacher that I have had with this schedule. I really think it benefits them greatly. 
I forgot how much work they are given and how much I have to do too. :) She will keep me on my toes.

I can't wait to begin my introduction of Daily Five and CAFE next week. My colleague, Linda and I created our plans for next week. We are so excited. 

We are going to do the following lessons:
Good Fit Books (with the shoes, of course)
Introduction of Read to Self with correct/incorrect/correct procedures
Read to Self ICHART

I am going to be creating some products over the weekend to help us out next week. Look for these to be up in my TpT store soon. 

In the meantime, my Happy First Day of School Giveaway is almost over. Make sure you enter to win. :)

$10 Gift Certificate and items in my store. :)
Good Luck!

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