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Where on earth did July go? I was stalking blogs and I totally forgot about Farley's Currently until I saw all the posts. Holy Cow!!! I guess I am just trying to pretend that August is not here yet! 

My dryer has been going non-stop. I have to get it all done before we leave tomorrow at 5:30 am. 
Woo Hoo! Can you tell I am excited? 

My daughter's boyfriend and his "associates" painted a couple rooms that have been in dire need of a paint job. Some of them have not been painted since we moved in (12 years ago). YIKES!!!
They look fabulous!


Did I tell you that we are leaving for vacation? Tomorrow. Yep! We are going on vacation!!!

I have to edit the photos I took at a wedding last week. There are so many!

I also have to get my work done for my grad class so that I can really enjoy my vacation.
I am working on it right now...can't you tell? :)


I love the sticker for my laptop. We are searching for one for my daughter's now. 
If you search for them on Amazon, they are very inexpensive. :)

Have you seen Miss Nelson's "Happy Notes"? They are so cute! She is so inspiring!
They are on sale right now! Go! Go! Go!

I am obsessed with pens. I am also a pen snob. When I found these I was giddy with joy!
Not only are they so cute, but they write well too! REALLY!

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Have a wonderful day!

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