Summertime, Summertime, Sum..Sum..Summertime!!!

Wow! That flew by fast and felt like the longest year yet. How can that be?

Our last week was full of Countdowns.

Five More Days

They covered the entire blacktop!

Four More Days
And RAIN!!!
So we had to Boogie on Down with Just Dance Kids.

Three More Days

This is our class/school garden. We had so much fun preparing it!
We work with the high school FFA group and my colleague's class.

Two More Days

Frisbee Day!!!
We took over all the grass in the back of the school. They were all throwing their frisbees at the same time. one got hit. :)

One More Day
Literacy Camp with what else... mustaches!!!

We had some fun reading and writing with our mustaches of course!!!

We had such a fun time counting down the last few days of school. I am going to miss my little firsties. 
But I am going to enjoy my summer!!!
Have a wonderful day!


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