Countdown to Summer

We only have two half days left!!! 
Can I get a Woot Woot??!!??!!

I know a lot of you have seen this on Pinterest. I just wanted to share ours. Today I will post the preview of the activity and then tomorrow I will post the pictures of the activities. If you follow me on Instagram @tamingmyflockoffirsties you may have already seen what we have done.

5 Days Left

4 Days Left

3 Days Left

2 Days Left

1 Day Left

I just love the expressions on their faces. We popped each balloon and had an activity to go along with each of them.
My colleague and I had fun with our last day. 
Here is a little preview!

If you have already begun summer vacation...I really hope you are enjoying it! :)
If you are with me....HANG IN THERE!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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