NYSUT Rally and Giveaway

I attended the NYSUT rally yesterday in Albany.
It was very moving.

This photo is from the website. I would credit the photographer, but there was no name. :)

There were thousands of teachers, school workers, parents, and children.
One Voice.

Click on the photo above to take you to the website if you like.

Here is an article about parents taking a stand on standardized tests.

It should be all about the kids. Right?


You should head on over to Sara's website to enter her giveaways. Yep, I said giveaways.
She is on Day 3. They are all open for a week so you can still get into the others.


I have some products I am currently working on. Hopefully I can get them up soon.

I am enjoying the winding down of my daughter's last year of high school.

Her senior ball was on Friday.
They had a blast.

Have a wonderful day!!!

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