May...It Can't Be!

Really? May already?
It can't be possible. 
We have 36 days of school left and 6 Mondays. 
Oh My!!!

Well, I am linking up with Farley again for one of my favorite linky parties.

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Listening: I think my dryer runs 24/7.
My little tiny bantam thinks he is about 10 feet tall. He has the funniest crow. It sounds like he is a 13 year old boy! :)

See how small he is compared to the others. 

Loving: Finally it has been above 70*. 

Thinking: My oldest is going to college this fall. 
Oh My Goodness!
It was a very hard decision for her. I am so proud of her.

Wanting: My laminator broke. UGH!!!

Needing: My family is so busy right now...track, softball, softball, play rehearsals, traveling, etc..

Summer Bucket List:
1. I need to make a list of books I want to read...any suggestions?
2. I am going to make my family spend time together. AND we are going to have a good time! :)
3. I really worked during vacation last year. This year I am going to relax and enjoy it.

Thanks to Farley for doing this month after month. I LOVE it!!!

Have a wonderful day!

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