Five For Friday and a Teeny Tiny Giveaway

Woo Hoo!
I didn't think it would ever come!


We are finishing up our research for our PBL community projects and will be working on the skits next week. To pull it all together (and to have a little fun) we painted our entire community.
It was SOOO much fun!


I was sick on Wednesday. UGH! I did get a little time to organize a few files for my computer. I also made a little freebie for you. :)

If you need a cute little activity for adding and subtracting, head on over to my TpT store to pick it up. 


I am LOVING my chickens. We have about SIX DOZEN eggs in our fridge right now.

This is my little bantam that thinks he is about 3 feet tall. He was answering the rooster down the hill this morning! :)


We have 12 viable eggs in our incubator. The kiddos are so excited! We candle them every third day. I am not sure I will do it again. I get very superstitious when it comes to the end. Their due date is next Tuesday. 

See all the smiley faces. :)



Four bundles by Melonheadz.

by Robin Sellers

by Kidsrcute

A Mother's Day and Father's Day Project.

by Krysten McGahan

Guided Reading Bundle

by Rachelle Rosenblit

First Grade Common Core Class Checklist

It's a good thing my husband was out of town when I was shopping!!! :)
I had so much fun looking at everything.
I still have stuff in my cart. 

I do have a Teeny Tiny Giveaway going on.


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