Five for Friday on a Saturday

Better late than never.

I am linking up again, a little late this time. I forgot yesterday was Friday. Oh Well.

I began Spring Break yesterday!!! Woo HOO!!!
We are staying home, but we are going to do some fun things together. :)

I had my formal observation yesterday. After a lot of hours and hard work, it is finally done. I think it went alright. My firsties had fun. :)

We have been playing with all the math games this week. The kiddos have so much fun! 
I have some in my TpT store.
There is a sale going on this weekend. :)

I attended a funeral this week. It was for my friend's grandmother. I have known her since I was very little. She was 92 and led a wonderful, faithful life. My friend's son (who is becoming a priest) officiated the service. This was so moving. Did I mention that he is 17? Amazing.

I think I have found something amazing for my class. I have a few behavior issues in my classroom. One in particular does not have any boundaries at home. So, he has a really hard time in school. We have tried SOOOOO many things with him. I just started using Class Dojo.

Have you heard of this? It has been working all week. I can't believe it. It has so many features I haven't even tried yet. I am so excited about it. It really keeps these guys in check. 
You should really check it out.

Well, another week has flown by.
I am excited to be home for Spring Break.
Have a wonderful Saturday!!!


  1. Class Dojo is awesome! Been using it for two months and I love it! So do the kids! My parents enjoy getting online and checking in on daily behavior!

  2. I've been using Class Dojo also, and I think it's a great tool.
    Enjoy your Spring Break!

  3. I've never heard of Class Dojo, so I'll have to check it out soon. Glad your observation went well. We're on spring break now too . . . yay! :)

    Mary Catherine of Fun-A-Day!

  4. We love class dojo in 2nd grade. I'd love to see how you are going to use it. Mine have to earn a certain amount for fun friday.


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