Writing Workshop Wednesday

We are in the process of Fancying and Fixing up our writing.
This takes a bit of time for firsties.
On Monday they chose their best writing from our unit. I told them it has to be interesting and something that their readers would get excited about.
I had them draw the most detailed illustration they can. This will give them more ideas when we put the finishing touches into our writing. I even let them color these pictures. Forgive me Lucy. :)
For the next couple days we will be working on the illustrations and working on adding more detail and interesting ideas to our writing.
Fancying and Fixing up will take us two weeks. We will be celebrating next Friday.

On another not, we had our Caring Character Education Celebration the day before our break.
We collected 568 cans for our local food bank.
Our goal was 500!!!

What do you do for Character Education? I would love to hear about all the things people do. 

Have a wonderful day!

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