RAN Strategy Chart Freebie

Hello all!
A colleague of mine is having her formal observation tomorrow. I do not envy her. As a district, I would say the average time we spend on average about 5-15 hours writing our lesson plans for our formal observation. Ridiculous!!! Anyway...My colleague was trying to scan a RAN Strategy chart and it wasn't working very well. We were talking about it. How you couldn't see the print in some parts and it just didn't look "great". So, I ran back and made up one for her with some bees on it. She is doing her observation on bees (non-fiction and fiction). Could you guess?
Then I thought that we all use these and wouldn't they look cute if they had little graphics on them to go with whatever we were working on. 

So, I wanted to share them with you. Head on over to my TpT store to download them.
If you would like any other themes, shoot me an email and I will try to accommodate you.
Have a wonderful day!

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