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I stalk visit Barb's blogs daily. She is so creative and is such a great teacher. I would love to be a student in her class. Well, she has these little blinkies, if you haven't seen them before. I rush on over to her blog when I see them posted and GRAB them so fast!


Place Value Game
I have a lot of these posted on my TpT store
Click on the picture below to get to the amazing Common Core Standards Site. It is easy to maneuver around as long as you can find it. Sometimes I can get to the main site and then not get to this particular place. Anyway, it is a really great resource when you get to it. :)

So, Place Value for firsties...
It is a hard concept for them. We begin right at the get-go. The first day of school, when we are working on calendar, we also fill in our Place Value Chart. 
0 Hundreds, 0 Tens, and 1 One.
We link that up with our counting by 10's. How many groups of 10's do we have? How many do we have left over? By this time, Day 90, I think most of them get it. The others know what numbers are suppose to go in the chart. For reinforcement, I have plenty of these Place Value Games on hand. I have some for almost every holiday, season, animals, etc. 

I laminate and cut out all the cards and Place Value Mats. Cardstock works best. This way the numbers do not show through on the cards. 
I usually include many different "decks" (numbers 1-10) in the packet. You can use all of them or just a few to play the game. 

Each player needs a Place Value Mat.

You can use one recording sheet for each of your kiddos. 

Shuffle the cards and place them face down.
Players decide whether they are going to play largest or smallest number wins.
For this example, I am going to play highest number wins.
One player draws from the deck.

This is not a very high card, I may play it in the discard or in the ones.

You may not want to use up your discard yet. I would probably place mine in the one's column.

Player two draws a card and does the same thing. 
Once a player places a card in a column, you may not move it. This encourages them to use some different strategies.

Once player two has gone and placed their number card. Player one goes again.

This time, player one has drawn the highest card possible in the ones. This definitely will go in the hundreds column.

The game goes on from there.
The players only draw four cards the entire game. One goes in each of the columns. 

When filling out the recording sheet, all players can fill out the numbers and then check if they "won" or not. 
I just noticed that I need to put a bigger barrier in between each of the players numbers. It looks like it a very big number right now. I will update each of my games today.

I hope you enjoyed learning about how I work on Place Value with my firsties.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Thanks for the shout-out, Beth Ann!! That's really kind of you. I think you're my biggest blinkie fan:))
    I love that PV game. We're going to start playing it soon.
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  2. Thanks for the great idea for place value. :)

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