A Bit Chilly!

Ooooooh Weeeee!
Not only do we have FREEZING cold temperatures here. Our boiler was not working for the entire three day weekend! The staff found out at about 6:30 am. Too late to get those little kiddos back home.

We worked ALL DAY in our coats and hats. They would have kept their gloves on, but they couldn't use the iPads!

It warmed up to around 70* (in the classroom) at around 1:30. Goodness!

We made the most of it. We pretended we were in Antarctica on an expedition. :)
I love FIRSTIES!!!

On another note, I have updated many of my products and am working on having them completely updated by the end of this weekend. Boy am I ambitious!

Head on over to check them out!

Would anyone like to help out? I am going to have a Mid-Winter Blues Giveaway in February. 
Please leave a comment or email me if you would to help out.
Thanks so much!


  1. Hi Beth Ann

    Ooooh another giveaway - course you can count me in! Just let me know what you need me to do.



  2. Count me in!


  3. Count me in... I would like to be apart of the MID winter blues giveaway!
    I don't know how I would have made the kiddos stay warm all day! Crazy! :(
    Thank you. Iteachkidsabc@gmail.com
    :o) V.
    Special Teacher for Special Kids


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