December Already!!!

I really cannot believe that it is already December. 
I have been sitting at my computer all morning trying to get my shopping in check. HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!
Well, at least some of it!

We have been working on numbers to 20. Composing...Decomposing...etc. 
I think my kiddos are getting sick of the regular cards and dice we have been using so I made up these cute little ones for my class. I thought I would share them with you all. This is my first freebie of December. Make sure you come back often and check. There will be many this month.

We play...

 Tens Go Fish: It's just like Go Fish but you make 10. You could even make it Twenty Go Fish. I am going to try that this week!

Make 10 or 20 or whatever number you would like them to make.
It's a concentration game. They turn over cards to make a certain number.

There are so many other games you could play. 
What math games are your favorites?

Enjoy the freebie and have a wonderful day!!!

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